Congratulations to Jody Chaffee, Flute II and Principal Piccolo

Check out this touching video about Jody Chaffee’s recent award that she received from the Ford Musician Awards for Excellence in Community Service at the League of American Orchestras National Conference in Chicago. Buckeye Broadband generously donated services to create this wonderful video.

Jody Chaffee has been a prominent member of the Firelands Symphony Orchestra for over 15 years in the positions of flute II and piccolo chair.

The League of American Orchestras recently honored her for her dedication to teaching music to area children.

Chaffee received the Ford Musician Awards for Excellence in Community Service at the League’s National Conference in Chicago on Wednesday She was one of five musicians across the country to receive the award.

A licensed music education instructor, Chaffee teaches music to area children through the Firelands Symphony Orchestra Music Education Program. The program serves area school children of all ages to schools in Erie and Huron counties.

“The program is an evolving project that was originally conceived in 2012 in an effort to engage the youth in our community and serve to expand the depth and breadth of the FSO mission,” executive director Laurie Korobkin said. “Chaffee’s comprehensive age-appropriate music programs are designed to surprise and delight children, instilling a desire for life-long learning of music and the arts.”

The Firelands Symphony Orchestra’s mission is “enriching lives through music.” The orchestra provides an appreciation for musical excellence through education and engages audiences through their performances.