Norwalk Reservoir Performance Plan  08/26/2020

The Firelands Symphony Orchestra (FSO) was granted approval from the Huron County Health Department to present an outdoor concert at the Norwalk Reservoir’s Veterans Memorial Park in early October, 2020, based on the following plan. With the proper planning and consideration for the safety of the audience as well as our musicians, staff and volunteers, the FSO is creating and presenting live music in a responsible and safe manner.


For the orchestra and staff:
The FSO has researched the safest performance practices based on studies very recently completed and published as well as recommended guidelines published from the University of Colorado Boulder, University of Maryland, The College Music Society, Peabody Institute, West Point Academy and others.
● All musicians/staff will be informed in advance of all the event procedures
● Temperatures and health screening of all staff and performing musicians will occur on the day of the rehearsal/concert.
● Anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must stay home.
● Orchestra musicians will perform under the park’s pavilion. Rehearsals will be conducted with specific time frames structured with 30 minutes of playing, followed by 5 minute breaks for aerosol redistribution.
● Hand sanitation stations will be strategically located for musicians and staff to use.
● String players and percussionists will wear masks and be a minimum of 6 feet apart, each with individual stands of music. No equipment will be shared between musicians.
● Brass and woodwind players (except flute players) will wear specially made masks that have an overlap front that can be separated to allow for the mouthpiece to be utilized. Instrument bell covers will be used, as the newest studies indicate this greatly reduces the emissions of aerosols in wind instruments. Musicians will be spaced 6 feet apart (9 ft.for trombones), each with individual stands for music.
● Flute players will use a special device called the Win-D-fender (or something of that nature), which is a capsule-like enclosure that fits around the flute headjoint and blocks the air being blown by the musician, but does not inhibit the sound. Flute players will also wear a mask that would be lowered only during actual playing time and raised during periods of rest. Flute players will be spaced 6 feet from other musicians.
● Before the concert, during the break between rehearsal and concert and after the concert, musicians will be required to remain a minimum of 6 feet apart with masks being worn at all times.
● There will be no sharing of food or water between musicians/staff.

For the audience:
We have also taken into great consideration an outdoor venue which provides the best air circulation and can be utilized with safety and distancing of our audience being a top priority while implementing state guidelines for performances.
● Patrons will be informed of all event procedures prior to the concert day.
● Patrons must conduct a health symptom assessment the day of the performance and anyone experiencing COVID-19 symptoms must stay home.
● The maximum number of individuals gathered in this outdoor venue is 1,500 individuals.
● Ushers will monitor and enforce seating of patrons with the following guidelines:
○ At least 12 feet from performers
○ At least 6 feet in each direction between groups of: 1) No more than four
individuals, or 2) Members of one household

● Mask use will be strictly enforced for all audience members. Masks will be provided for those audience members that do not have one upon arriving at the performance site.
● Law enforcement will be on site to ensure crowd control and guidelines are followed.
● The performance time will be limited to one hour or less and there will be no intermission.
● Audience members will be ushered out at the conclusion of the concert to ensure social distancing continues as the crowd exits.
● Restroom usage will be monitored to limit number of persons for social distancing
● Hand sanitizer will be available in convenient locations.
● There will be no distribution of brochures or flyers to patrons during the event.

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