Membership Requirements for the Symphony Chorale

Membership Requirements for Singers of the Symphony Chorale

The Symphony Chorale is designed as both a self-study and group-rehearsed ensemble. It is the expectation that singers commit to working on their music away from rehearsals and be prepared and engaged in group rehearsals for performances with the FSO and independent concerts. A workshop/retreat at the beginning of the year reviews repertoire that the Symphony Chorale will be performing throughout the season to introduce music and help guide singers in preparation for repertoire for rehearsals and concerts. Materials for learning music and studying repertoire will be provided. Singers have the option to purchase their music for personal ownership.

There is no registration fee to participate in the Symphony Chorale. However, singers will sign an expectation sheet as a membership agreement for the chorale upon their acceptance. Singers are required to be at all rehearsals and concerts as well as any special events and activities that may come up (see backside for 2017-18 schedule). Schedule changes and additions will be provided to membership immediately. Any special circumstances with scheduling conflicts must be arranged between members and directly at the beginning of the season.



Auditions are held in the spring for the following season. Singers may be asked to re-audition. Singers not accepted into the chorale for a season are encouraged to re-audition for the following season. If at anytime a singer is unable to continue with the season/chorale, auditions will be announced immediately for replacement.


Concert Attire & Music Folder

Singers are responsible for their own concert attire and rehearsal music folder, a concert folder will be provided. Attire and concert folders will be addressed in singers agreement.


About Your Role with The Symphony Chorale

The Symphony Chorale is a non-paid/volunteer choral position at Firelands Symphony Orchestra. Singers will be provided with membership benefits and meals pending program schedules. Singers may use some items as tax deductions and will be notified by the orchestra when appropriate.