Planned Giving

Your Legacy for Beautiful Music

There is quiet work going on behind the scenes in our community, as in many others across the country. As a result of a few civic minded individuals, thousands of our residents have been engaged in the extraordinary experience of live orchestral performance and music education through the work of the Firelands Symphony Orchestra.

What is planned giving?

Planned giving can be defined as a method of supporting non-profits that enables philanthropic individuals to make larger gifts than they could make from their discretionary income. While some gifts provide a life-long income to a donor, other gifts use estate and tax planning techniques to provide for charitable organizations in ways to maximize the gift and minimize its impact on the donor’s estate.

Ways to Give

Whether a donor uses cash, appreciated securities/stock, real estate, artwork, partnership interests, personal property, life insurance or a retirement plan, the benefits of funding a planned gift can make charitable giving very attractive for you as a donor.

Please consider joining those individuals in our community that have given so much! For more information, contact Tricia Applegate, FSO Executive Director at (419) 621-4800.


You can play a vital role in the financial vitality of the FSO, now and in the future, through a memorial, planned giving or a bequest:


The Firelands Symphony offers several ways to memorialize your loved one:

  • Sponsor a concert in his/her memory.
  • Sponsor a principal musician’s chair in his/her memory.
  • Provide a scholarship for music lessons for a needy student in his/her memory.
  • Make a contribution to the Annual Fund in his/her memory.
  • Customize a memorial to your specifications.

Contact Tricia Applegate at (419) 621-4800 for more details.


Cash, securities, real estate and other properties can also be donated by will, or bequest. You can also will life insurance or IRA’s to the Firelands Symphony Orchestra and reduce your family’s estate-tax burden after you are gone. Please contact your advisors for further information.

Your gift to the Firelands Symphony Orchestra will allow the Symphony and School of the Arts to fulfill our mission. This support allows the FSO to:

  • Maintain and increase the quality of the music-making of our musicians
  • Expand the scope and variety of our programs
  • Expand our outreach into the community and schools

Thank you in advance for sharing the Orchestra’s music with the community.


The material presented on this Planned Giving website is not offered as legal or tax advice. Neither the author, the publisher nor the Firelands Symphony Orchestra is engaged in legal or tax advisory service. For advice or assistance in specific cases or whether to make certain a contemplated gift fits well into your overall circumstances and planning, you should engage the services of an attorney or other professional advisor.

The purpose of this website is to provide general gift estate and financial planning information. Watch for tax revisions. State laws govern wills, trusts and charitable gifts made in a contractual agreement. Advice from legal counsel should be sought when considering these types of gifts.

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