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Ladies and gentlemen, music mavens, and curious souls with an ear for the extraordinary – it’s time to unveil the vibrant minds behind the scenes of our beloved local symphony orchestra! In this enchanting interview, we introduce you to the magical persona who’ll be orchestrating the symphony of our daily operations: our new executive director Ron Brooker!

Q1: A 20-Year Musical Odyssey Congratulations on your new role as Executive Director! With three decades in our FSO family, could you take us on a whirlwind tour of your journey and how you’ve composed your path to executive director? 

Q2: Life Beyond the Baton Beyond the notes and melodies, what passions and hobbies light up your world? Do you have any quirky interests that you’d like to share with our orchestra’s curious crowd? 

Q3: Local Rhythms and Melodies As a fellow resident of our Firelands region, what hidden gems or cherished local spots do you recommend for fellow music lovers and culture enthusiasts? How do these places inspire your symphonic spirit? 

Q4: Balancing Act Steering the operations of orchestra ship requires a special blend of artistic sensibilities and administrative prowess. How do your years as a violinist and concertmaster guide your unique approach to the day-to-day operations? 

Q5: From Notes to Numbers Tell us about your vision for enhancing the symphony’s daily operations. How do you plan to weave your vibrant personality into the nuts and bolts of our behind-the-scenes magic? 

Q6: Musical High Jinks Let’s turn up the tempo with a whimsical question: If you could choose any musical instrument to describe your leadership style, what would it be and why? 

Q7: Harmonizing Harmony From all your experiences with the FSO, can you share a memorable anecdote that embodies the unity and magic that defines our orchestra’s spirit? 

Q8: A Final Fanfare As you embark on this exhilarating chapter as executive director, what message do you want to send to our orchestra’s dedicated supporters and the community that’s eagerly waiting to see your leadership? 

With this delightful interview, we usher you into the vibrant symphonic world of our new Executive Director. With a medley of passions, decades of dedication, and an exquisite ear for harmony, our leader is set to conduct a symphony of innovation, community engagement, and spirited growth. Stay tuned for the thrilling cadence of enchanting surprises and musical joy that lies ahead!

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